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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

LONDON (Wireless Flash) -- A British supermarket chain isn't kidding around with its new shopping cart -- it's designed to avoid childish tantrums. According to BBC News, the Tesco chain is introducing a cart called the "tantrum tamer," which plays DVDs, CDs and educational games for kids.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Chew on this: The number of people following a low-carb diet is not as high as it was few months ago. A trade group called the Low Carb Manufacturers Alliance claims casual low-carb dieters have dropped from 32 percent in April to 21 percent currently. But don't discount low-carb diets as just another food fad. Researchers say 11 percent are committed carb counters.

TOKYO -- Single gals in Japan can now snuggle up to a "boyfriend pillow." The 39-pound sleeping partner comes with two dress shirts for the ladies to iron, and one model acts as an alarm clock by vibrating when it's time for the woman to wake up. Ananova.com reports the man-replacing pillow has become so popular that the manufacturer has had to start a waiting list for customers.

ATLANTA -- Bad date? Let your cell phone come to the rescue. Cingular Wireless is now offering customers something called the "Escape-A-Date" service, which helps singles ditch lousy dates. The $4.95/month plan allows users to set their phone to ring during their date with instructions for faking an emergency exit -- such as pretending your roommate has locked himself out of the house


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