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The Farmer Cat


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One day a farmer notice his cat was ill!

so on the way to town he stop by the vet, he told him that his cat

was sick

the vet misunderstood the farmer, he thought he said the calf

was sick

well what you need to do is give her a gallon of mineral oil

the farmer look puzzles and thought give a cat a gallon of mineral oil?

so the farmer arrived back home and proceed to put a gallon in the cat

the cat as you would expect fought and the farmer had a time giving

it all to the cat

a couple days later the vet came by the farm

hey! how is the calf doing!?

calf? i said cat

you mean you gave a cat a gallon of mineral oil?

yeah cause that what you told me to do

the vet look around the field then ask the farmer

where is the cat?

farmer look at the vet and said

last time i seen that cat was two days ago

she went up that hill with two other cats

one was a digging, one was a covering and one was heading for higher ground!

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