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The Talon House

Something i need to say!


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While me and Talonrider and sometime ShiningKnight post the most here, i notice most of you don't!?

what can we do to hear from you? i see that you come here often, and we are glad

we would welcome any comments, any posting. and would like to see more of you post here

this is Talon board, but not just for him and me and ShiningKnight. it also for all of you

most of you have no problem it seem to post in other forum, so why not here too?

it welcome as long as it decent and clean and fun as well

i'm sure Jan would back me on this

help out, it getting boring to do this all alone

Thanks, i just had to have my say

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Thanks Pat. It does seem like it's only the 3 of us posting the most. I can only imagine ShiningKnight is busy with school again since he hasn't been here for awhile. Plus, he may still be a little upset with me still since I was the one to give him some shocking news about someone we both know. 4_11_8[1].gif This news also prompted me to take some action here at The House.

I know our personal live's can dictate what we do and we all have our problems to deal with. I know that some members joined for the purpose of participating in The Collision Crew, the weekly chat session that are held, plus the forum set up for polls in making descisions for the story. That forum is not accessible by the public and normal membership. I don't have a problem with this. I also belong to a site that is hosting The Crew also and have only been posting in that section.

I belong to a number of other sites, some of which other members here belong too as well.. But, I take the time to visit those sites daily and contribute from time to time. I will admit, I don't post as often as I should in some of the rooms here.

To all the visitors that stop in, your welcome to post also.

People may not like my guidelines for membership, but they are in place to protect the membership, especially the young ones. Yes, there are members here under the age of 18. Most sites have a mimium age requirement to join. I haven't yet rejected anyone because they were too young. When it comes to the Birthdate, only Admin has access to it. This means me and my back up Dewey. No one else has this privilege.


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