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Drunk Driver Asks Police to Arrest Him


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Drunk Driver Asks Police to Arrest Him

Drunk Driver Pulls Next to Police Cruiser and Asks Officer to Arrest Him

The Associated Press

VERNON, Vt. Aug. 9, 2004 — It's not too often that the police get pulled over by a drunk driver. But that's what happened recently to Police Chief Ian McCollin.

McCollin was heading south on Route 142 when he noticed a driver at the Broad Brook Road stop sign, slowly edging forward into the intersection. As he passed the car, McCollin saw a confused look on the motorist's face.

"I figured it might be somebody looking for help, possibly lost or something," he said.

When McCollin pulled his cruiser to the shoulder, the man pulled alongside, rolled down his passenger-side window and made an astonishing proclamation: He was looking for a police officer to arrest him because he was drunk.

McCollin reported the stop to a dispatcher and called for backup due to the suspicious nature of the man's claim.

"Under the circumstances of the stop and the unusual nature of what he said, I was just a little nervous about it," he said. "It just wasn't natural."

The man handed over a non-driver's I.D., identifying himself as Bryan S. Condo, 28, of North Pownal, then reported that his license had been criminally suspended and he also had a previous arrest for driving while intoxicated.

During a preliminary breath test, Condo registered more than four times the 0.08 legal limit, McCollin said.

McCollin said Condo didn't exhibit any of the classic, combative signs he's observed in most other DUI arrests.

"He was a gentleman, very polite and very cooperative," he said. "I think he was looking for or needs help."

Condo was brought to the Brattleboro Police Department, where he was cited for second-offense DUI and driving while his license was suspended.

McCollin later dropped a slightly more sober Condo off in Vernon.

"It's the first time I've been pulled over and the first time I've been pulled over by a drunk driver," he said. "It's hard to believe, but I guess this is one for the books."

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.


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