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The Talon House

Two Country Brothers


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Two Brothers who lives up in the hills never speak much

they just do their own thing and never say a word to the

other one

they only speak about once a month if not two!

one day they were a sittin on the front porch and the sun

was shining brightly and the air was thick with the hottest

day so far that year

the oldest brother said, sure is hot today ain't it!?

the other brother just sat and never said a thing!

not another word for a month

a month later the oldest walk in the house and see that his

brother was packing a suitcase?

so he spoke up, why are you a packing a suitcase?

the other brother still packing his thing and putting them in

the suitcase open his mouth and said

there is too much complaining going on around her!

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