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Don't know what number I am, but hopefully this "playground" will turn out much better than mine did.  Don't you agree.....SK? : wacko :

You the Man

I hope so, Brad. Although I must say I liked the hyperboards design a bit better and it's a pity LC got taken down, I had no chance to save a bit ... quite a few lyrics I posted there.

forgive me, Jan ;)

Let's hope for the best. :)

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Actually I was referring to the style, design or "looks and feel" of Hyperboards and forums4free.net. I like this better at Hyperboards although I cannot even say exactlx why. What I did NOT like was the "wood" skin since you couldn't see a thing then.

Just my $0.02.

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greetings earthlings....how about a nice vegimite sandwhich...?

I suppose this place is still running, wow who would have thought....heh heh heh...well if you think you know who this is you might be mistaken although I'm sure no one will get it...the joke that is...so I wonder how long I should type sensless dribble before being bored enough to just leave...LOL 4_14_1[1].gif

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