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I'm back. a little!


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I look, but it seem we don't have a conversation room unless it a compliant or something. might want to think of one?...maybe conversation room? :rolleyes:

Sorry i been away, last month was a nightmare for me, since i close the store. i have no reason to get up so early. so my sleeping habit was way way out of focus. i was waking up at 3am and not sleep til maybe afternoon. or sleep til noon and not sleep til 5am. you name it. all hours would work. had to check the date on the computer to know what day it was!

my health was not better, i cut my foot on a falling knife and had to deal with that. and almost getting a cold. that would not have help my past pneumonia at all

as far as gay news on the net........ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ no wonder i slept. been better off posting about a 4 headed snake that didn't know who to bite LOL

but i did see the Super Bowl.....yay Colts!!!! about time. i predict Colt and the Giant next year for a brother vs. brother bowl

(you know when Eli see Payton bragging on his ring that Eli gonna say, nice!!. wait til you see my 4th one lol)

brotherly love right!?

i love you all, i will be back to normal soon i hope. still planning to move south. guess i'm gonna have to go there to find something, i think my sis is afraid if she find anything i wont like it. i told her even if i look and be there i may not like it and move to a better place. but you know how family are. afraid to disapoint

back soon i hope, if not you know what i'm up to

(PS, Hope D don't get mad at my post at his forum. like i said it his story)

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