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Hi-Ya everybody,

I got a call from our local newspaper today that I won in the raffle they started about 2 weeks ago (if I remember correctly).

You were asked to send SMS messages to the editorial staff from where you currently are during summer vacation to say hi to those "loved ones" who stayed home. I sent 2 of those (although I did not go anywhere hehe ;) ).

Believe it or not, I won the first prize... a new cell phone! (Nokia 7600 (Europe)) worth about $300... Yes, that's supposed to be a cell phone... :blink:

:o:rolleyes::P:D:lol: fauxcul zoio laughing-smiley yessmiley[1].gif


On Monday I am supposed to go to our local T-Mobile Shop where the phone will be given to me by the CEO of T-Mobile Germany (or just by the shop owner? who cares LOL). Besides they will interview me and take a picture. OMG I will be in the local newspaper.... I must not forget to go to the hair dresser :unsure:

But what am I going to do with the new cell phone? Yeah, probably call people I know. ;) But I already got one (Nokia 6310i) and by the end of this year I may choose another cell phone since my service plan expires then. I'll probably take the Nokia 6260.


What am I going to do with 3 cell phones? I know: I will turn 2 of them into cash on eBay :D I just do not know which one to keep... What would you say (taking into consideration design, features, etc.)? You are welcome to bid ;) I'll post the links to the auctions here after I have read your opinions and finally made up my mind.

I will be in our newspaper... :blink:

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Phil, if I was to keep one phone, I think it would be the new phone, providing I liked the features on it. My current phone is a Nokia 6120 series. Had it for about 3 years now that I think about it. You the Man


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I set up the auction on eBay on Wednesday for the cell phone I won by the beginning of last week. If you'd like to have a look:

My Nokia 7600 on eBay

I hope the pictures I took are sharp enough? What do you (all) think?

Keep your fingers crossed for many many bids... :) The auction will end on Sun, 09/05/04 @ 10:27:42 PDT (19:27:42 CEST).

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