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Pop Culture Obsessions, Exposed!

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- It's one thing to have a retro crush on the totally '80s detective show, "Miami Vice" -- but it's quite another to be so obsessed with the program that you dress like Don Johnson every day.

Believe it or not, there's someone out there who takes his interest in the show that far, and he's profiled in a new VH1 show, "Totally Obsessed."

The "Miami Vice" addict in question is a former cop who went so far as to invite Philip Michael Thomas to his wedding -- and when the actor actually showed up, the fan booted his best man and had Thomas stand up with him instead.

Still, that's relatively normal compared to the married couple who has been raising a Cabbage Patch Kid as their real-life son for the past 19 years. The doll, named Kevin, has his own home and a Corvette courtesy of his human parents.

But perhaps the most bizarre person profiled on the show could be "Stalking Cat," a 45-year-old man who is so obsessed with kitties that he's spent $200,000 on surgeries to make him look like one.

"Totally Obsessed" premieres tonight on VH1.


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Stalking Cat is almost as bad as the guy profiled on Ripley's Believe It Or Not who had his tongue split, his teeth reshaped and his body tatoo'ed so he looked like a reptile.

As we all know, people will do the strangest things. yessmiley[1].gif

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