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The Talon House

to be or not to be?


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well I suppose I should start a topic but sadly, I can't come up with one...so I'll just ramble on for a bit. I think so far this board is interesting, some have said hi others have just ignored my wonderful personality. So be it....I can tell when I'm not appreciated and when a truly great mind is wasted....and man do I like being wasted.... :P

so anyway here I sit bored to tears and wondering if this board is more active when I'm not here or if it's always this mundane...not to imply that the board is mundane only that the posting level is a little low....well hopefully I can rectify that in due course....I should be getting DSL and hope that when and if I do I can excite this place a bit more. Until then...carry on with your lives and I'll pop in from time to time and rattle the rafters....ciao

You the Man these guys were just made for me :D

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There are currently three of us who are the most active here. Movieguy, who provides us with most of the News of Interest, Weird News, and the occasional bit of laughter. ShiningKnight who has been providing us with song lyrics. And me, who has posted a lot of the other stuff. I might also add, that some of the others have posted at least once.

Then we have members who haven't posted anything YET. And for that, I give them this: Spanking

And just so you don't forget, Who's the boss here? Sherriff_1

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hi and glad to meet you

just wanted to say this is a very very young forum

so it me and Talon and all that post do

you are welcome as well as the younger and older members

are here!

so as i said this is a new forum, and we need you to grow

as we will

since this forum do not belong to any site others than it

belong to, it will grow little by little

it not a story site forum

it not a sex site forum

it belong to all that is free of bigtory and love for

the fellowman, the way anysite do

and should ( i know that some don't)

it for fun, and it for questions too

i don't just post news and joke here, i post where ever

i feel i'm needed

and everyone is needed everywhere

it will take time to grow a forum that is not links

to any other site

this is a fun for all forum

so hang in there, it will grow little by little

but it will be your worth and everyone too!

and you and everyone that come by and want to

enjoy is welcome

so join and post and don't be shy!

this is Talon house and if you respect it

he will make you feel at home as i and others



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