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Here's a nice little story by Crvboy himself. It's called Wherever Will You Go. There are currently 14 chapters posted.

"Hey little brother." A voice from behind startles me slightly. I put the box I'm holding back down in the trunk of my car.

"Hey Jay," I answer turning around. It's just not him though, there are a whole bunch of guys with him. Must be his football buddies. A couple of cute ones, and one that blows them all out of the water.

He comes over to me and puts his arm on my shoulder. "Justyn, these are the guys. Guys, this is my little brother Justyn."

"Hi," I say kinda shyly. I'm not good in groups.

Most of the guys nod or say hi back. Except the really cute one. "Ummm Jay?"

"Yeah, Tristan?"

"With the exception of the glasses, he looks just like you. How can he be younger?"

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Here's another little story by Crvboy you'll enjoy called Stigmatized .

A little bell rang as I open the door. So much for not drawing much attention to myself as half the people in the room turn to look. Just curiosity, I hope. I probably will do the same thing the next time the door opens. I make my way over to the desk and stand there waiting for the woman behind the counter to finish writing something down.

"Can I help you?" She asks as she puts down the pen she is using.

"I'm here for the intro class," I reply shifting on my feet. Nothing like being on the spot.


"Travato. Kevyn Travato."

She scans down a piece of paper on the counter. She grabs her pen and makes a mark on the paper. "Over there. The class will begin in a few minutes."

"Thanks," I answer. I turn away from the desk and head over to the area of the floor she indicated. There were a dozen or so people in the area. A few kids, probably ten to twelve years old, a couple of young women, a few older folks and him. A guy around my age, or so it seems. He is cute. I notice him looking at me so I turn away. It wouldn't do good to get beaten up before I learn my self defense moves. Hopefully he just thinks I was looking at the others to see who's in the class. Yup, if you haven't guessed it already, I'm into guys. The big Q. Or at least I would be into guys, if I actually dated one. But that's for another time, now it's time to stretch for class. I drop my backpack on the edge of the mat with the others and move over to an area of the floor not quite as occupied. I do some stretching, not wanting to pull anything on my first day. After stretching for a few minutes the instructor comes over and starts the class.

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I see CRV Boy is where "Owen" is hosted. I've been reading it off of Nifty for quite some time. It has been an unexpectedly wonderful story. The characters are all well drawn, some very disparate personality types are thrust together and find ways of thriving together.

The story ends with chapter 54, but a second book of stories about the characters from Owen and about his hometown of Riverton.



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