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i corrected it, was in a hurry to type when the forum got back up, thanks

and you are welcome for the mention, Joseph Men and i are good friend and he

mention that you gave him space to post his poetry in the site

glad you came by and come back often

in case you didn't know he has a forum now at


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The series Angel has been added to my site. Read what Dude @ AwesomeDude.com has to say.

"This story -by Gabe's own admission- is kinda dark. At least it starts out that way. And if the first two chapters are any indication is going to defy some conventions. Very short chapters... full of action and intense emotion... Chapter 1 in the first person... then Chapter 2 starting, almost like an out of body experience in the colder third person. Then back into the present and 1st person and addressing a player in the story as if she might be reading it. Wow. "

Angel is the story of a boy named Adam, who leaves home after his abusive father kills his boyfriend. He takes his dog, Poochie, and boards a train to Denver.

As I tpye this, there are four chapters available online. Next week, I will add the fifth. Maybe the sixth, too.

--Gabriel Duncan

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Actually, it's called LonelyOcean.  And the accurate web address is Http://www.lonelyocean.co.uk.

I also host poetry for my friend, Joseph Menn.  And I'm looking for other artists who don't have webspace to host.

Thanks for the mention,

--Gabriel Duncan

15_1_70v[1].gif Thanks for stopping in Gabriel. Feel free to stop in anytime.

Sorry for being late with the greeting.




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lonely ocean has been redesigned. spiffy and new. more artists. painter stephen pinata, poet krystal alvarado and , of course, joseph men and me. Angel is up to chapter 10 now.

happy valentine's day

--Gabriel Duncan (of Lonely Ocean)

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Here's a new story by Gabe, Zombie, The Incident At Bloody Rock.

On the night the first AIDS cures were administered to the patients of the Francis E. Seymour Children's Research Hospital, people began to get sick. At first it looks like food poisoning, but when the first victim dies and comes back . . . only to eat the nurses and doctors trying to help him . . . . The situation gets seriously out of control.

Kenny and his Dad (along with other families) were invited to stay the weekend in the beautiful Mendocino Forest. It was supposed to be a celebration. But soon the party comes to an end as his little brother, Clive, gets sick and must be re-hospitalized. When Kenny wakes up in the middle of the night and can't contain the feeling that something is wrong, he decides to go in and find out what's happened to his brother. But what he finds is something completely unexpected.

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