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Let's Get Revved About Cedar Point


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First post... :rolleyes:

Going to Cedar Point in 4 days! Can't wait to go. Exciting thrills to come: Millenium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, Magnum, Meanstreak, Mantis and anything that goes up and down, and upside down.

Staying at Lighthouse Point, so there's no Causeway Toll and Parking! (Neener-neener to all those stuck on the causeway! :D )

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:( Pat, sorry to hear its been so long since your last ride. Coasters have come a long ways. :rolleyes:

D, I know what you mean about the admission price into parks these days. I have a season pass to my local park, which by the way is a sister park to CP. With a season pass, 3 or 4 visits and it pays for itself, the rest of the visits for the season are free. : wub :

Most of the larger parks will also allow you to use your pass at sister parks; Six Flags at all Six Flags, Paramount parks at all Paramount parks, Cedar Fair LP at Dorney, Cedar Point and Knott's Berry Farm just to mention a few.

Some of the larger parks have also adopted a Ride Reservation system. Here, you check in at the coaster you want to ride and get a time to be back and get your ride. This is especially good for the more popular or new coasters in the park.


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A ride reservation system, huh? Sounds interesting.

My wife and kids have a season pass to Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara, CA which also allows entrance into a place called Bonfante Gardens, which is an independent park that is in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I'll see about going with the kids and wife. It's been way too long since I was upside down. ^_^

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Aw.. That's sweet, Pat.  <_<

D the reason my life was never the same, i could

had choke her

i'm scared of heights

they had to ply my hand off the bars i was holding :blink:

plus i never saw her before

Then you wouldn't like some of the ones I've ridden Pat. I've riden them ranging from 90 ft to 420 ft high. The 2 tallest ones I've ridden, 318 and 420 ft. are both at the same park. fauxcul :blink: zoio

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Don't feel too bad Pat, We have a piece of equipment I use at work that I hate to use. It only goes 30 ft high and is wobbly. That scares me more than a coaster does. devil-gasp :(:rolleyes::D

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Dewey, a note of interest since you mentioned Paramounts Great America, and I just remembered this, but your family may have noticed that coaster is missing from the park. Stealth, which was the first flying coaster made, was taken down and moved to Paramount's Carawinds park in the Carolina's. It was put up there and themed and renamed Borg Assimilation.

If your familiar with Star Trek: TNG, you know who and what the Borg are. :D

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Some three cents from me:

Season passes are ungoldy: They allow you to go to your favorite theme park way too many times a year. And they save you too much money.

Roller Coasters aren't scary: Sure you're 300 hundred feet up in the air, but you'll be on the ground in two seconds.

On another note:

I use a lift called a turret truck at work and it goes about 40 feet off the ground to reach the highest rack at the warehouse I work at. It can get a little wobbly, especially if I'm moving a heavy pallet. Don't feel too lonely, Talonrider!

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