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Windows vs. Linux


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Since I've been arguing with another member of this board about this, I'd like to hear your opinion about what is the better (or even the best) operating system. There are so many people who say Windows (XP) sucks and Linux is such a "great" OS. That's an opinion I do not share at all. First and foremost, it is a one-sided point of view. Both systems have strenghts and weaknesess regardless the personal preference (I'm pro Windows). I've tried both systems (at the university we have both, Windows and Linux workstations, I even took a course on Linux there) and must say: Windows is just easier to use and the most important fact about it: 99% of all applications are based on Windows. Now somebody may say: But it's getting better, you can open Word documents with OpenOffice. True but most of the formatting is gone then.

I'll go more into detail with this article once I finished my research about that. Till then, feel free to post your comments and have a look at this article:

Linux security is a 'myth', claims Microsoft

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I won't debate the merits of Windows or Linux. All I wonder is how a company with a proprietary OS, which is rife with security problems (as has been evidenced by the plethora of "updates") can claim another OS has no security? 4_1_72[1].gif That's the pot calling the penguin black, eh?

Seriously, I think the Linux development model is far superior to anything Microsoft could ever put together, simply because Microsoft doesn't allow tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people pour over their code for vulnerabilities. When you have 10,000 open source developers all working to improve every aspect of an OS for the love of doing it, you receive far superior results than you would from a single team of, say, 20 programmers who are paid to slave over it, again, as is evidenced by the many problems Microsoft has. 10_7_6[1].gif

Oh, and if you think Linux or the GPL aren't viable, I suggest you tell the people at http://www.groklaw.net why you think so. That would be fun. (Where's the lost in space robot smiley??)

Not to mention, of course, that Linux is free (as in speech 4_2_205[1].gif , not as in beer 27v[1].gif ) and can be modified at whim... 4_1_6[1].gif

If you couldn't tell, I'm not a Microsoft fan... 3_8_3[1].gif

Okay! Your turn to slam me! 10_5_135[1].gif23_28_102[1].gif

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