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I am so pumped right now 4_1_112[1].gif . I recieved an invitation in the mail today to attend Media Day at Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom for the opening of their New COASTER on May 3, 2005. 10_1_17[1].gifyessmiley[1].gif I have wanted to do this for a long time and now is my chance to do so. I actually get to ride a new coaster before it opens to the general public. It's a dream come true! 4_15_3[1].gif


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That's GREAT news, Jan!

So I guess you're gonna get first crack at hydra before me, huh? *Grunts*

Anyhoo... Are you going to be there for opening day? I know i will. :D Get some good piccy's for us!

Even tho it took you a little over a week to see this and to see the email I've sent to you. I'm inviting you to go with me.

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Well, the much awaited Media Day is over. unsure And all I can say is THE RIDE IS AWESOME. 4_1_112[1].gif When this monster gets broken in, look out, it's gonna be a wild ride.

The Jo-Jo Roll, which is a brand new element on steel coasters, is agonizingly slow, but FUN at the same time. Once the train is dispatched from the station, it rolls out under its own power, thanks to gravity, makes a small dip then rolls to the right. I would have say at approximately 10 to 15 mph as you turn upright again. Then its a banked curve and up the lift hill. Once you reach the top, which is 95ft, you reach an angle of descent of 68 degrees and a speed of 53 mph. If you happen to be sitting in the back of the train, you won't be sitting there again until you reach the bottom, a 105ft later. You then climb into the 62ft Inclined Dive Loop.

From there, you go back up into a Zero-G-Roll followed by the first of two Flat Spins. After that, you get about a 2 second breather as you head down to set up for the Cobra Roll. At this point, you now get a longer breather before going thru the second Flat Spin and the Helix finale from which point, it's back to the station and end of ride.

Before you go and ask, "What the f**k is a Cobra Roll", :o I'll try to explain. You start by diving and then head up and to turn upside down, you then roll upright into a curve to the left or the right. You then roll upside down again and dive out of it. It can be real disorienting on an inverted coaster, there you don't know which end is up.

I've posted several pictures of the ride in the Hydra post. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the slide show to work, so you'll have to click each one separately. I also shot a short video of the Jo-Jo Roll which shows it at its normal speed. If anyone would like to see it, email me and I'll send it to you. If you PM me here, but be sure to include an email address.

Enjoy everyone.


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Having attended Media Preview Day with Jan, Hydra is a great new ride.

The Jo-Jo Roll is awesome. Certainly not something you'd expect. (Who the heck put's an inversion right off the loading platform?) A great thrill.

And for those too squeamish to ride Hyhdra, there are plenty of great view points to watch the ride in action.

Oh yeah. Ride Train 2. It's faster than Train 1. :D

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