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IQ test


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I recently found an IQ test on a German web site with about 120 questions. Of course most of them are meant in a funny way. Nevertheless, all solutions are logical and absolutely correct.

I'd like to translate and share a few of those questions here. I'll post one by one waiting for a reply before posting the next one. Be careful before giving your answer.

I hope Jan won't be the only one who participates in this. I'd like to here the opinions/solutions from ALL of you since this is a community.

Here we go:

(1) 2 + 2 x 2 = ...?

To be continued...

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This won't be fair, since we chatted about this, I'll answer here anyway.

To look at the problem, 2+2x2, and do the math (as it reads) in ones head, the answer is 8. (2+2=4x2=8)

To do the same problem with a calulator, the answer is 8.

To do the same problem on a spread sheet, the answer is 6.

Now I went to school and grauated long before the days they came out with the "New" math.

Had the problem been presented like this, 2+(2x2), then I would have answered 6 and not 8. Then I would have multiplied first and not last.

And Phil, sorry I didn't see this sooner.



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it depends on how one was saying it....if it sounds like--

two plus two, multiplied by two...then the answer is 8

but if it sounds like--

two plus two multiplied by two...the answer is 6 considering the rule of BODMAS...


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The presentation of that problem has nothing to do with whether the answer is right or wrong. The rules of mathematics go





with the reciprocals being equal.

Therefore, with a problem of such simple structure, the answer is 6 because:

2+ 2x2=

2+ 4 =


In the case the author of this problem desired the addition to be done BEFORE the multiplication, parentheses (or optionally brackets) should be added as follows:


(4) x2=




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Ahem, I beg to differ...The rule is BODMAS

B -- Brackets

O -- Of (like 20% of 243)

D -- Division

M -- Multiplication

A -- Addition

S -- Sunstraction

In computer languages it is BEDMAS where the of is counted as multiplication [(20/100)*243] and the E stands for exponential.

The BeaStKid

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I am currious how long ago each one who answered this went to school

My bet is those who went to grade scholl and middle school (junior high) in the 70's and 80's were probably taught the correct way is to do multiple mathmatic computations when there are no brackets. I don't have many friends who went to school in the 60's so it would be difficult for me to find out what they were taught (but my guess is they would have a better chance then kids going to scholl now)

Those who went in the last twenty years are much less likely to have been taught correctly. Neither of my teens had a clue the answer was 6 and both are considered "very good" in math.

Even after I talked them through it they insisted this is the first they had ever heard of it.

If that is indeed the case our education system is worse than I thought.

All and all pretty sad...

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I am currious how long ago each one who answered this went to school

Ummm... I've yet to graduate... I'll do so next year.

But I read about this (BODMAS) in 5th grade... About the computer thing (BEDMAS), in 6th grade.

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Ok, so you read about it that's a good start.

The next question is has it really been taught or stressed to you?

In 5th and 6th grade is where it should be taught so it can be appleid for the rest of your life, so how many teachers actaully taught it?

Ummm... Let me rephrase my prvious post....

I was taught about BODMAS and BEDMAS in the 5th and 6th grades respectively.

The Beastkid

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