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Finally done!!


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I'm glad and relieved to finally be able to announce that the exam period for the current semester is over... yay! Funny feeling of not knowing anything right before an exam, same with not even being able to say how it went... wacko

Now I'll be on vacation till 02/28/05 what will give me the time to seriously look for an internship abroad (in the US to be precise)... I might need some help though. unsure

BTW: Registration period for this year's (FY 2006) diversity visa lottery ended on 01/08/05 and I already got the electronic submission certificate. All I can do now is hope that I'll be picked this year... unsure

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Thanks for the congats, guys. Time will show if I did a "good job"... unsure

By the end of February most of the results of the five exams I took this semester should be available. It just depends on the professor's individual "speed" (normally two to eight weeks).

Now I already have to plan ahead for the next semester, especially as far as the internship is concerned (like I have said before)... unsure

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