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This is Joey for MG

Pop ( my name for him) is getting a little better, the arthritis has been giving him a much longer fit than he said he been use to :(

he tried to type just now but he could not do it for very long but he is missing getting the jokes and werid news posted

his pain don't allow him to enjoy reading anything at this time

i was using the mouse to let him see other forum that he belong to and we saw a ad that said Pain Jokes and he look at me and said, do not even think about clicking on that roflmao.gif

He wanted to let you all know that he miss you and hope to be back on real soon, until then he will have me post anything he feel that is good to read

Thank you



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Thanks for keeping us posted, Joey.

This is for you - hug[1].gif11_1_204[1].gif

Pat, don't rush it. 13_1_209[1].gif36_3_16[1].gif

And I don't want to forget Danny either. hug[1].gif10_4_4v[1].gif

and if he gives you too much trouble, just give him a couple of these 10_9_137[1].gif and call me in the morning.


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Guest Crackerwriter


You don't need to say a thing about how painfull arthritis is, being a sufferer myself.

I've had to give up on trying to sit at my computer and write story chapters for a while until the pain lessens It's why I haven't produced much for a while. I start and the the pain gets too bad and I just have to quit and go lie down for a bit.

It has phases of being better and worse. Better is tolerable, worse isn't; it's as basic as that isn't it?

Hang in there mate, I know right where you're coming from.


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